Update 5/30/16 - Crystal Control II is available now!

Michael Connolly's Crystal Control is the most intense multiplayer game Virtually Competent has to offer. Navigate a storm of bullets in this battle for control over the magic crystals! Make it crystal clear who the most skilled player is!


  • P1 uses W/S to move (on keyboard) or Analog/D-Pad (on gamepad).
  • P2 uses the Up/Down arrow keys (on keyboard) or Analog/D-Pad (on gamepad)
  • Press both movement keys at the same time to fire (on keyboard) or press the A button (on gamepad)
  • If your keyboard is having trouble detecting all four movement keys at once, P1 can alternatively use Shift/Ctrl

How to Play:

  • Shoot the crystals to paint them your color. Crystals that you control will fire at your opponent!
  • Capture the majority of the crystals on-screen and your "Control" ability will activate, causing EVERY crystal to fire once at your opponent!
  • Get a single hit on your opponent and you win!
  • Are you a visual learner? Just hang out on the title screen for a few seconds and the tutorial will start!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Stay still for long enough and you can charge up your next shot! There are two levels of charge, but the second level takes a while to prepare.
  • You'll need a charged shot to capture the smaller center crystals, but they pack quite a bit more punch than the outer crystals, firing three homing shots instead of one straight shot. Take some risks!
  • Depending on your level of charge shot, you may be able to destroy incoming bullets or even pierce through them all for a direct hit on your opponent!


Programming by Michael Connolly
Art by Clover Greenhalgh
Music by Derek Klaren

Created with Scirra Construct 2
Sound effects made with Bfxr


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Crystal Control v2 (Windows).zip 48 MB
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Crystal Control v2 (Linux).zip 53 MB


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doesn't work on a USB plugged PS4 controller

nice game

Touch dont works


This game is pretty dang cool. Nice job on the art and I like the whole turrety mechanic.