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This is a work in progress multiplayer mode for Skullshot, a game we originally created in 2014! Due to the nature of these modes and the way the game's code has evolved throughout their creation, we've decided to release each of them as separate components for now. Our long-term plan is to combine them all into a single, complete game and likely sell it for few bucks, so enjoy this stuff while it's free!


  • Each player will require an Xbox 360 gamepad (or similar) to play!
  • While on the lobby screen, press the A button once to join and a second time after joining to display an interactive controller tutorial!
  • The first player to join the game will get priority over the game options!
  • If teams are enabled, you can press Y to toggle between red and blue team!

How to Play:

  • Every second your skull is attached, you gain one point! Reach the score limit to win!
  • You can't just stay still and expect to come out on top...other players will melee you and toss red skulls at you (which will knock the white skull right off your head)!
  • If enemies are enabled, you can gain some quick extra points by taking them out...just be careful, because someone else might steal those points by grabbing the skull before you do!


Programming by Izzy Neuhaus
Art by Clover Greenhalgh
Music by Reid Turner

Created with Scirra Construct 2
Sound effects made with Bfxr


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Skullshot Multiplayer r2 (Win).zip 37 MB
Skullshot Multiplayer r2 (Mac).zip 37 MB
Skullshot Multiplayer r2 (Linux).zip 38 MB

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