UPDATE 2/24/16 - It's Lonk's 2nd birthday! To celebrate, I've taken the time to fix a few minor graphical and audio bugs in the "jam" version embedded above and available for download below. Of course, this update is still missing all the polish and gameplay tweaks of the iOS and Android builds, so I still highly recommend checking those out if able!

The Legend of Zeldo: Lonk's Awakening is an iOS Flappy Bird Clone, and an Abomination - Nintendo Life

Legend of Zeldo: Lonk’s Awakening is the second best Flappy Bird clone - Destructoid


  • Lonk awakes on a strange island! Mysterious!
  • He's plucked a strange feather from a nearly extinct bird! Scandalous!
  • Now he's careening through a lava-filled dungeon! Audacious!
  • What the hell do these items even do?! Outrageous!


  • Left-click or Up arrow key to flap/jump/whatever
  • Right-click or Shift key to use an item (if you've got an item that can be used!)
  • Scroll wheel or Left/Right arrow keys to cycle between usable items!
  • Double-click or Spacebar on the "Game Over" screen to retry quickly! No time for rest!

NOT CONTROLS but important all the same:

  • Experiment! Old wizard man isn't especially helpful in telling you what his items do, so you'll have to figure that out for yourself!
  • Persevere! Princess Zeldo's waiting for you! Rumor has it the Quadforce of the Gods is locked away in the depths of this dungeon! Maybe if you can assemble it, you'll get to the bottom of this!
  • Share! Click the screenshot button on the game over screen to save your best exploits and show them to the world! (NOTE: Some browsers may block the screenshot pop-up the first time, so keep that in mind if you're having issues!)


Programming by Izzy Neuhaus
Art by Clover Greenhalgh
Music by Derek Klaren

Created with Scirra Construct 2
Sound effects made with Bfxr

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Feb 24, 2014
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorVirtually Competent
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, Difficult, Fast-Paced, Flappy Bird, link, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Parody, Perma Death, upgrades, zelda
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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Lonk's Awakening v2.4 (Win).zip 46 MB
Lonk's Awakening v2.4 (Mac).zip 60 MB
Lonk's Awakening v2.4 (Linux).zip 51 MB

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What does the mirror of trust do ? I still can't figure it out.

if i remember correctly, it makes one half of each pillar transparent - so you have a 50/50 chance of not losing if you run into one!

Oh ! That's why I wasn't always able to reproduce the effect! Thank you


Oh man, time to start constructing a Zeldo timeline