Dikdik is a remake of Dong Dong, an unlockable minigame from WarioWare, Inc: Mega Microgames for the Game Boy Advance! Compete against a friend in this action-packed stick thrusting simulator! Coincidentally, dikdiks are a totally real animal. Crazy, right?


  • Dikdik uses a single keyboard shared between two friends. Get close!
  • Player 1 uses the "A" key (or anywhere on the left side of the screen on touch devices) to thrust her stick!
  • Player 2 uses the "L" key (or anywhere on the right side of the screen on touch devices) to thrust her stick!

How to Play:

  • Hold both keys (or screen areas) to start!
  • Tap your key (or side of the screen) to thrust your stick forward. First player to push a block all the way out of the wall and knock out the opponent's dikdik wins!
  • Some people seem to be able to hold out forever, so a time limit might be a good idea. Click the hourglass on the title screen if you want longer or shorter matches!

Random Facts About Dikdiks:

  • Dikdiks have mild psychic powers that allow them to influence other animals, though most animals (other than dikdiks) are too smart to be swayed.
  • Dikdiks are extremely anti-social, however they do seem to attract social butterflies when they put their nose where it doesn't belong.
  • The collective noun for a group of dikdiks is a "duet".
  • Once a dikdik gets a song stuck in its head, it will spread to other dikdiks like wildfire through that psychic influence network thing that I was telling you about earlier.
  • It's said that dikdiks rarely graze at the same time. Seeing two dikdiks graze in unison is a sign of good luck (for the predator that is waiting for them both to be distracted).
  • The dikdik's favorite song is "Africa" by Toto and they will thrash ferociously if it gets stuck in their head.


Programming by Izzy Neuhaus
Art by Clover Greenhalgh 
Music by Derek Klaren

Created with Scirra Construct 2
Sound effects made with Bfxr

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Feb 02, 2014
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorVirtually Competent
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, Casual, competitive, Cute, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, Remake, Touch-Friendly
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Touchscreen
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


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