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Dikdik is seeking buried treasure, but her eyesight isn't so good...maybe you can help her out? Take a leisurely stroll in free mode or try to get a high score in Timed Mode!

Made in 48 hours for the Teacart 1k, Dikdik: A-Grazing Treasure Hunter makes use of your SHARECART1000-compatible save data!


  • WASD/Arrow Keys to move
  • Spacebar to graze
  • ESC to pause (in Free Mode only)

How to play:

  • Guide Dikdik around the field and seek out odd-looking tiles. Graze on the tiles to uncover buried treasure!
  • In Timed Mode, you have one minute to get as many points as you can through treasure pickups. Bonus points are awarded for being quick and thorough.
  • In Free Mode, you can uncover buried treasure at your leisure, but no points are awarded.
  • Treasure variety and background music will change based on your SHARECART1000 save, so be sure to play more than once!


  • Pausing is disabled in Timed Mode, partially because of a bug, but also so you can't cheat by pausing to get a better look at the screen!
  • There is no "proper" way to exit the game; you must use the "X" button on the window.

SHARECART1000 users: DAGTH reads your o_o.ini file upon starting a run and each time you load a new screen. It writes back to your file only when you exit a screen, finish a "Timed Run", or pause during "Free Play".

I used Scirra Construct 2 to make this game, so I had to build my own SHARECART1000 support from scratch. It may not be the most efficient, but it seems to work pretty well. If you're also a Construct 2 user, you can download the framework I put together in a capx file and create your own SHARECART1000 compatible games.

Mac and Linux users: I haven't tested the Mac and Linux builds personally, so it may be wise to make a backup of your o_o.ini if you want to try them out. I don't anticipate any issues, but better safe than sorry, right?


Programming by Izzy Neuhaus
Art by Clover Greenhalgh
Music by Reid Turner

Created with Scirra Construct 2
Sound effects made with Bfxr


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DAGTH v1.2 (Win).zip 36 MB
DAGTH v1.1 (Mac).zip 37 MB
DAGTH v1.1 (Linux).zip 45 MB

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